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Word of Mom LogoIt was like a couple of girlfriends talking about their kids over coffee… deep conversation with a little fun mixed in as time passed all too quickly.

Thank you to Word of Mom Radio host and producer of “The Mompreneur Model” radio Show Dori DeCarlo for dedicating her show on July 2, 2015, to the discussion of child abuse prevention and intervention.

Dori and I discussed a variety of issues including the number of children maltreated in the U.S., what factors place children at higher risk for abuse, ways to discuss sexual abuse prevention with kids and even various clues each of us can recognize that might indicate a child is being victimized.

I invite you to grab your own cup of coffee and listen to the archive of this show.

About Dori

Dori DeCarloWith a background in theater and marketing, Dori DeCarlo found her way to BlogTalkRadio where she now hosts her own show Word of Mom Radio. Of the show, Dori says, “Let’s face it… If you really want to get the word out, moms are the best word of mouth advertising there is.” A mother to three wonderful children, Dori is also founder of Safety Bags — clear bags and back packs for travelers, children and people with mobility challenges. Connect with Dori at Word of Mom Radio, on Facebook or Twitter.


About Ginger

Chance and GK 2013-04-26Raising awareness of the world-wide epidemic of child abuse has become Ginger’s life mission. An impassioned child advocate, trainer, speaker and trained child forensic interviewer, Ginger regularly blogs about child protection issues. Along with her husband John and pets Lexi and Chase, Ginger enjoys traveling, skiing, hiking, brisk mornings, colorful sunsets and just hangin’ at home with “the Pack”.


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