Signing off…

By Ginger Kadlec 

John and Ginger Kadlec

My work in child advocacy over the past several years has filled my heart with both joy and sorrow. Sorrow in witnessing the first-hand trauma children experience as victims of abuse and neglect. Joy in seeing many children find protection and begin their journeys of healing thanks to the efforts of child protection professionals and committed family and friends.

I find myself at a crossroads in my own life. It’s time to begin a new chapter.

My husband and I recently moved from our beloved home state of Indiana up north to Michigan where we are simplifying life and starting a new journey of our own. As part of that simplification, I am signing-off BeAKidsHero.

I was talking with a dear friend of mine several months ago, pondering the impact each of us can make in the lives of others. Julie Bacher, a wise and thoughtful confidant of mine, shared with me a story about “The Ripple Effect”… I now share it with you and encourage you to continue making positive, impactful ripples in the lives of others around you… especially with the children in your life.


The Ripple Effect

By Julie Bacher

These past several years have been so hard on us….all of us.  We have had bombings, shootings, terrorist attacks and knifings. Our daily newsfeed is bombarded with horrific images and social media is consumed with vile and hate-infused political rants.  It could make us wonder what the future is for us…for our children.

I recently had dinner with a dear friend and we were discussing her mission as a child advocate.  She was questioning the impact her efforts are really making.  It made me remember something I had thought years ago but sadly, had forgotten.

We are the only agents of change we can rely on.  It can’t be miraculously delivered by our elected officials or magically mandated by any government-it has to start on a grass roots level.

To even have a semblance of normalcy and control in a world that is seemingly out of control is to do good.  It is that simple. ~Julie Bacher

Imagine you are standing near a tranquil lake. You throw a rock into the water and it sinks, but what happens after that?  After the rock is thrown and you can’t see it any more, the only thing that remains is the ripples of water spreading out almost infinitely.  That is the ripple effect.  We have no idea how far those ripples will go.

That is what we need to do.  To even have a semblance of normalcy and control in a world that is seemingly out of control is to do good.  It is that simple. Good for ourselves and good for others.

Every good deed we do for ourselves and each other is like throwing a rock in the water.  What may seem an effort of little impact, may ripple down to someone to whom it matters a great deal.  Any occupation of helping people may become tedious on a day to day basis, but the ripples of your efforts are still being carried away.

We don’t have to be in a position of power to effect change-we can do it quietly, anonymously, openly or occasionally.  Contrary to the old saying, the simplest acts of good will never go unappreciated.  We may not get the reaction we expected or even see the reaction, but the ripples are still travelling.

This seems trite right now with the state our world is in, but what are our choices?  If we want change, we must do good and let the ripples carry our intent. Let it start with our vocation, or our passion.  Let it start with simple good deeds, let it start with communication in place of judgment.

If we were to choose to do this daily, eventually all the ripples may perhaps join together to create a tsunami of good intent.


From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU for the support you’ve shown BeAKidsHero over the past few years! I am forever grateful for the support, encouragement and engagement of the caring people in our online community who have committed themselves to making a difference in the lives of children. Here’s to you, heroes! Thank you!!! ♥

About Julie

Julie Bacher is the proud mother of three girls and grandmother to two adorable boys. Julie’s positive outlook and generosity in her own exciting life journey has afforded her a powerful, impactful perspective on life and a deep compassion for others. Heck, she even donated one of her kidneys several years ago to a (then) total stranger. In a nutshell… Julie is AMAZING!

About Ginger

Chance and GK 2013-04-26An impassioned child advocate, trainer, speaker and trained child forensic interviewer, Ginger has blogged about child protection issues for the past few years. Along with her husband John and pets Lexi and Chase, Ginger is loving her now much simplified life in Michigan, where she is 100% #smittenwiththemitten.

15 thoughts on “Signing off…

  1. Ginger,
    Best of luck to you- I am honored I was able to meet you, and learn more about all of the amazing work you have done in this field!
    Kristen Morris

  2. Hello Ginger!
    Just to say thank you for all your E mails and articles, sad to see you hanging up your keyboard and handing the baton onto Julie, but hey I think you deserve some time off for” good behaviour” and incredibly motivating messages!
    In this line of work sometimes one can feel isolated , but your E mails always helped me feel “connected” and “singing from the same hymn sheet” even though I’m over in England.
    Our Team at BigTalk has grown over the last few years so we can help support each other (we now deliver proactive safeguarding through age appropriate Relationship Education & Sex Education to over 30,000 children across the Country) but there was always something very special about the “International” connection, long may it continue!
    So thank you again and wishing you all the best for the next chapter!

    1. Lynnette,

      Thank you so very much for taking the time to send a note! And let me say, CONGRATULATIONS and keep up your awesome work in England — reaching over 30K children and counting!!! It’s such an important, and often life-saving, message that every child needs to hear. Thank you for the good work YOU are doing and here’s wishing you and your team at Big Talk the best of luck!


  3. Ginger,

    So sad to see you go, but happy you are starting a new chapter in your life!

    If you find at any point in the future you have something you want to share, we’d be honored to host you.
    We appreciate having had the opportunity to share your wonderful content with our readers!

    Wishing you all the best for the future!

    1. Oh, Stefanie… thank you so much!!! Who knows? I may take you up on your gracious offer sometime. 😉

      In the meantime, here’s wishing you continued success and thank YOU for the good work you do!


  4. Ginger, I don’t know what to say. I am slightly heartbroken and yet, so happy for you. You have been an amazing advocate and I have enjoyed working with you on a few “projects,” I guess you can say. You will be missed.
    All the best to you and your husband in the future


    1. Támara… my friend… thank you for your note.

      And thank you for your collaboration on our projects, as well as for educating me on mental health issues impacting child abuse survivors. You are indeed a gem and I hope everyone will check out your PsychCentral column at if they haven’t yet seen it.

      Wishing you all the best, my friend!!! ♥

      Much love and hugs,

  5. Hugs, hugs, hugs to you, Ginger! It’s been an honor and pleasure learning from you.

    Congratulations on purposely choosing and stepping into another chapter in the story of your life! The ripples of love, support, and knowledge that you have offered families (and so many children!) over the years have already reached far and will continue to make ripples of their own. I know I’ve been positively affected to take action in ways I wouldn’t have considered without your guidance. And I’m just one small example of the change you’ve already made.

    Thank you!

    1. Mooooah! Hello and thanks for your sweet note, my friend!!! Sending BIG hugs and much love your way!

      Thanks for your input and awesome support during my blogging and video journey… you are a true gem! Keep up your awesome work and for those who haven’t met Tsara, check her out at

      Take care, my dear, and please give my best to your kiddos and mom! ♥


  6. Your passion for being a child advocate has been an amazing journey to watch. I admire you and your work in so many ways. You, my dear, have made a tremendous impact and have inspired many others along the way, me included. Job well done! All my best to you, John, and your furry family.

    1. Kim,

      Actually, I believe I have YOU to thank for inviting me on this journey! If it wasn’t for you being on the Board of Directors at Chaucie’s Place, I would never have discovered the world of child advocacy and child forensic interviewing… for that, I thank you.

      Looking forward to having you and the kiddos visit us up North — summers are amazing here and there is soooooo much to do! Miss and love you tons!!!

      ♥ Ginger

    1. Thank YOU, Casey! And thank you for the amazing work YOU and your team do to protect children and families around the world.

      All: if you haven’t yet checked out Casey’s good work, see him at Alliance for Hope International (

      All the best,

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