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Please help yourself to these FREE tools for parents, designed to help YOU keep your kids safe from sexual predators.

12 Scary Apps

12 Scary Apps ImageDo you know which social media apps are potentially dangerous for your tween/teen? In 82% of online sex crimes against minors, offenders used the victims’ social networking sites to gain information about their likes and dislikes. Learn about 12 Scary Apps your teens may be using… without realizing their potential danger.

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9 Warning Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

page-0Most parents with whom I speak tell me they “would know” if their child was being sexually abused. Maybe? But research suggests that’s not true. 73% of children who are sexually abused DO NOT disclose their abuse for at least one year. Another 45% don’t tell anyone for five years, while still others never tell. So, what warning signs should parents look for as possible clues of sexual abuse?  

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10 Reasons Children Don’t Disclose Abuse (video)

10 Reasons Video Cover GraphicSadly, nearly 3/4 of all children who are sexually abused keep their abuse a secret for at least a year. Another 45% don’t tell anyone about their abuse for 5 years; still others never tell.

So, why do so many children keep abuse a secret? Click here to watch a brief video of the 10 reasons children don’t disclose abuse.


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